Bewerbungen für Projekte sollten bei dem leitenden Direktor eingereicht werden. Der TUMmesa Ingenieur gibt Auskunft über die technischen Leistungen der Anlage, sollte jedoch nicht bei Fragen zum Versuchsplan des Projekts hinzugezogen werden.

TUMmesa-call for proposals

Deadline 15.8.2018

Dear colleagues,

TUMmesa aims at addressing current research challenges by

  • enabling process-based ecological research and experiments with model ecosystems, their compartments and organisms under controlled conditions;
  • understanding biotic interactions across ecosystem compartments;
  • and facilitating integrative multi-factorial experiments with complex statistical design.

We would like to encourage further applications for using TUMmesa for the period 2019-2021. While TUMmesa is largely booked for 2019, there is still the chance for short-term experiments. Please do not hesitate to also apply for larger experiments with many involved partners, that run for a longer time and use several chambers, e.g. all eight. TUM and the faculty would like to see high-impact publications resulting from work in TUMmesa.

Please use the application form. For research based on grant funding where there is no funding decision yet, please put down in the application when the decision will be expected. It is of no disadvantage if e.g. a DFG grant is still pending, as we would like to plan ahead.

Questions of whether an experiment can be conducted in TUMmesa can be discussed in advance with the TUMmesa engineer, Roman Meier, the Scientific Director, Sharon Zytynska, or with Johannes Kollmann or Wolfgang Weisser. Deadline of the current round of application is 15.8.2018.

Please send your application to the scientific director of TUMmesa, Dr. Sharon Zytynska (email: Sharon.Zytynska[at]

We look forward to your questions and applications.

With best wishes,

Wolfgang W. Weisser
Johannes Kollmann
Sharon Zytynska
Roman Meier