Administration of TUMmesa


As inter-departmental institution within the School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, TUMmesa is led by two scientists who annually alternate as Managing Director and Vice-director, respectively. The directors are elected by the members of the TUMmesa Steering Board; both the directors and the members have a mandate for four years. The expertise of members of the Steering Board should cover the research spectrum envisioned for TUMmesa.

The steering board develops close links to the phytotron facilities at Helmholtz Centre Munich to

  • explore possibilities of joint integrative research programs,
  • appoint one joint scientific advisory board,
  • and organize joint scientific workshops.
Fig. 1. Administrative structure of TUMmesa


The two directors are responsible for the adequate use and reliable operation of TUMmesa. They are supported Mr Roman Meier roman.meier[at], an engineer in charge of maintaining TUMmesa. The Steering Board takes the responsibility for the scientific use of TUMmesa; it meets four times a year and

  • defines the overall research programme,
  • identifies promising questions to be addressed,
  • decides on project applications according to high scientific standards,
  • develops efficient time schedules for phytotron users,
  • and requests project reports as well as reprints from the resulting publications where TUMmesa has to be acknowledged.

TUMmesa Steering Board (2016–2020)

W. Weisser, J. Kollmann

Scientific director
S. Zytynska

Other members:
Profs E.Grill, I. Kögel-Knabner, W. Oßwald [until 2018] and H. Schnyder

From 2020 onward, the Steering Board will have five members.

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